Understanding the basics of Bongs & water pipes

Yes, bongs are trending in the 21st century, but these stoners date back thousands of years ago. The cliché “nothing is new,” is valid for bongs, but “old things have passed away,” altogether, with technology! There is a huge difference between the old Bongs and current Water Pipes for smoking.

This discussion is not a history class, so I will spare you the story for now and get to the business of Bongs and Water pipes.

Why bongs and water pipes?

Bongs are structured with water pipes running through it to cool the smoke that travels in it. Thus, bongs and water work together to provide the cooling needed to make the smoke smoother and tasteful.

Smoking of various types of substances is as old as man and apart from cigarettes; other smokes are more than what they seem. Weed, for instance, is a euphoric substance capable of altering the state of smoker’s consciousness. With its spirit-filled concentration, marijuana tends to be harsh on the lung. Thus, there is a need to cool down the sharp feel of the smoke before it hits the lung; Bong and water pipes provide that cooling.

Therefore, regardless of the nature of the herb being smoked – flower, tobacco or dry herb, water pipes help to cool down the harsh effect and protect the smoker’s lung. 

Now that you know Bongs deliver a gentler and smoother hit; let’s see how Bongs and Water pipes work!

How bongs and water pipes work

The job of a bong is to serve as a smoking medium for your different herbs, including wax, dabs, oils etc. The device is a perfect tool for concentrates to get the right hit for optima effects.

What bongs do is to filter incoming smoke, and cool it down to produce flavourful vapour to inhale. In effect, bongs take incoming smoke through a series of water-filled chambers to cool it, so it doesn’t burn the throat like the Dry pipe.

The following is a description of how Bongs work:

(1) The BOWL takes the herb to smoke. Fire is applied to ignite the buds with the vapour moving down through the (2) DOWNSTEM for initial diffusion before passing through the (3) PERCOLATOR for additional filtration (Be be aware that it is not all Bongs that have a separate Percolator). After the Percolator, the filtered, cooled smoke vapour moves through the (4) ICE CATCH to enhance the smoothness, if available, else it moves to (5) MOUTHPIECE to hit the lung.

Why choosing Water Pipes and not Dry Pipes?

Smokers choosing bongs want a fresher and smoother smoking experience not offered by Dry Pipes. Of course, bongs are not as convenient as Dry Pipes, but the comfort dictates individual choices. Also, when you understand the health benefits of Bong pipes, it is natural many would prefer water pipes to Dry Pipes. For instance, carcinogens exposure in bongs is lesser compared to Dry Pipes. The mode of smoking with bongs is healthier; taking short instead of a long continuous hit in case of the Dry Pipes.

The downside of bongs is portability; not ideal for travellers, and that is where Dry Pipes take the shine!

Types of bongs

Bongs are trending and enjoying remarkable technological breakthrough and creativity. Don’t be surprised if you wake tomorrow to find an entirely new and different bong from what is available today. We all need it, and the market is ready to meet those needs. However, you will find in the market, about four types of bongs as discussed below:

  1. Beaker Bongs. These are classic water pipes that offer smooth smoke with a wide bottom for increased stability. It holds more water and smoke for a larger and impressive hit. The beaker bongs are studier and long-lasting; the broader base prevents being knocked off.
  • Straight tubes. It’s simpler and traditional in style ideal for down-to-earth smokers. The non-complex nature of straight tubes makes them easy one for beginners! The catch when picking this bong is to consider maintenance. It’s best to choose a removable model that allows changing the parts and offer easy cleaning. Also, it holds less water which makes it ideal for starters and people who prefer to travel light. Overall, straight tubes bongs are versatile and suitable for all smokers.
  • Bubble based Bongs. Bubblers usually come with pedestal base for comfy sitting. The device is handy and easy to use for smokers on the move. These Bongs are versatile with remarkable ease of maintenance. If you don’t mind the simplicity, this is a Bong to consider having.
  • Recyclers. These are exceptional Bongs for smokers needing an extra smooth hit. The design filters incoming water carrying vapour all through closer to the mouthpiece before releasing to take the hit. Interestingly, the incoming water drops back down to the base as it releases the smoke. The process goes back and forth through the cycle for enhanced cooling and smoother feel. Recycler is best for concentrates smoking. Ideally, the recycler is not a beginner’s thing, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Bongs & water pipes materials

You will tend to get more Glass and Ceramic based Bongs but does not mean these are only material you can get. Other materials used in making Bongs are Metal, Bamboo and Plastic.

How to choose bong & water pipes

Your preferred smoke should be the factor to select the perfect Bongs and Water Pipes. Once you determined your smoke, consider the following when choosing your dab rig:

  • Size and height
  • Material
  • Style
  • Percolator
  • Price

Final thought

You will find tons of Bongs in any smoke shop you visit. For beginners, it might look daunting, but that is for the unprepared. If you have read this article, I bet you good to go with the perfect selection.

Go, get yourself the perfect Bong and start enjoying smoother smokes in health!

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