The best herb grinders 2019

Hey, if you are a cannabis patient or recreational consumer and want the best smoke or vaping sessions, then you need the best grinder in your smokebox! For the frequent flower smokers, not having a grinder is like wasting your money. It does not matter whether you are rolling up or packing a bowl using your favorite bong. As a regular smoker that enjoys sticky medicine, you want your herb to be easily and perfectly grounded for the best smoke consistency.

Why is the herb grinder so important?

Since we all enjoy quality smoke sessions; something smooth and sweet, you need to be equipped with the right tools! The most common and regularly used by all consumers is the grinder! This simple, mechanical device helps to break the flower into a finely uniform ground. As you may know, the well-grounded flower makes all the difference in a rolled joint or blunt! Not only do joints and bowls spark easier when your herb is well ground, additionally it makes it way easier to roll a perfect joint or blunt. You know how tedious it is to pull herb apart with your fingers or scissors, having all your precious sticky cannabinoids stick away on your fingers. With the grinder, you no longer have to worry about a reduction in the potency of your herb or a smelly mess!   Therefore, no matter the flower you use, a grinder will carefully break it for you and leave you the best herb for better and smoother combustion.  

What can a high-quality grinder do for me?

For the occasional smokers, picking your herb by hand may be ideal but not efficient. However, the regular herb smokers need something better and more efficient than using their fingers, this is the grinder! If you want the full release of the aromatic compound and smoother feel from your smoke, you need the grinder.   Therefore, a grinder is a device with a top and bottom arrangement with sharp teeth on each half. The tool is aligned to move each halve alternatively against each other to shred the material inside it. A grinder shreds herbs of any kind, including weed or cannabis, into finer substance for smoother smoke and taste.   A grinder can be a two, three or four parts design made from different materials including metal, wood or acrylic.  

Different types of herb grinders

If you need less time to prepare your herb and get quality smoke, having the best herb grinder is essential. Herb Grinders are made from different materials, and each type is unique in performance. Therefore, you can choose from wide-ranging products made of Wood, Metal and Acrylic materials.   The herb grinders can be a two, three or four parts (even five-part) design aimed at achieving specific quality herb grinding. Thus, we have different pieces of the best herb grinders you can buy from various brands in the market. Also, note that each type of herb grinder is distinct in price with the four parts being the most expensive. In this writing, we will look at two of the different types: the two and four piece models of herb grinders.  
  • The two parts herb grinders. It’s a type of herb grinders with sizes from 1.5inches to 3.65 inches and more in diameter. The design includes a collecting chamber for the herb (weed or cannabis) and the lid. Both pieces of this grinder have teeth, but you have to open it up to collect the ground substance after use. These old school herb grinders are smaller, simple and recommended for light users only. Let me add that this type is not as convenient and efficient as the newer, four pieces herb grinders.
  • The four parts herb grinders. Demands for various kinds of flowers for medical and social needs made the need for more improved herb grinders necessary. Hence, the more efficient and enhanced 4-pieces herb grinders to serve the needs of high volume herb consumers. This type of grinder is far more reliable and versatile than the two-pieces herb grinders. The four-part herb grinders come with a small hole in the lower part where the ground material is released for collection. Unlike the two parts herb grinders, the four parts grinders have three chambers which help to produce the Kief. The best part of this herb grinder is that it has a role to collect the herb’s dry Kief or trichomes and the head for smoking or to create some quantities of rosin.
  Although it has four parts and three chambers, each of the chambers can be accessed separately by unscrewing each section.   With the improvement in vaping technology, there are different devices including herb grinders you will come across if you do your search thoroughly. However, the two and four parts grinders are the common types of herb grinders you will often see.  

How the four parts herb grinders work

There are five steps involved in using the four-part herb grinders, as discussed below:  
  • Step #1: Add the herb buds. Unscrew the uppermost part of the herb grinder; add the buds onto the grinder’s teeth. The placement of the buds should be in circle in-between the center and outer edge of the device to prevent the grinder from jamming when being used. Replace the lid ready to grind.
  • Step #2: Grind the herb buds. Repeatedly rotate the lid to grind the buds; you need about 5 excellent and firm turns in each direction. Take a look under the top cover to ensure the entire buds have moved to the next section of the chamber. If there are still some buds in the top lid, rotate a few more times to grind and release to the next section properly.
  • Step #3: Shake to even the ground substance. To prevent spilling when you open the grinder, give it a slight sideways shake to settle the ground buds evenly. The shaking will push more Kief to the bottom section.
  • Step #4: Retrieve the ground substance. Unscrew the grinder’s main compartment to collect the well-ground buds.
  • Step #5: Retrieve the Kief. With each grind, the buds’ Kief will gather in the bottom section; unscrew the section to (part 3 and 4) to collect your Kief.

Choosing the best herb grinders for your needs

While all herb grinders enjoy acceptance because of individual user preference, most users prefer the 4 piece types. Whether you are buying a metal, wooden or plastic made herb grinder, the four compartments models are most recommended for the following reasons:
  • Finer ground. The purpose of a grinder is to crush the buds to the finest grain properly. The four-part grinder delivers the best grind to separate the resin and Kief for optimal use of the substance.
  • Easy to handle. While 2-part grinder is small and portable, holding the 4-part is more convenient.
  • Best for heavy herb consumers. The small, two-part herb grinders can only grind a small number of buds at a time. To save precious time, its best to use the 4-part grinders.
  • Fine sift. Although the five-part herb grinders offer better fine sifts, the four-part is equally a reliable pollen sifter.
  In picking your herb grinders, consider the following:
  • Top brands
  • Price
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Buyer reviews

Final thought

Regardless of the type of herb you need to grind, having a sufficient herb grind is essential, noting that a finer sifts delivers results in potent vaping or smoking. Chose your best herb grinders wisely to save money and enjoy your lifestyle.

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