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Bangers & Carb Caps

This is a very small tool, but it works many important tasks. Banger & Carp Cap is used for restricting airflow. It obstructs airflow well and sticks heat around domeless nails or bangers, helps the cannabis concentrate to vaporize at low temperature, conserving the standard quality and flavor of the concentrate. Basically, the banger & carp cap is innovated for a better dabbing experience. It’s an amazing collection.

 What Are Bangers & Carp Caps?

Banger & Carp Cap is also called a ‘ Carburetor ‘. You can see something like this in a car. It has the ability to control airflow and pressure within a particular space. The Carb Cap of the dab rigs is used as a central dubbing accessory, which is consequently operated in the same method. Carb caps always give a chance your nail to hold heat for a long term.  Before I got the Banger & Carp Cap, all of my concentrates tasted the same, but after getting it on hand, I find the difference in taste. The Carb Carp is actually made of heat resistant material that can easily withstand the high heat of your banger. The most common carb caps are formed of high-quality quartz, borosilicate glass, and grade 2 or 3 titanium. You need to ensure the size of the carb carp matches your nail for the perfect fitting. There are several types of carb cap like as: Directional Flow Carb Cabs, Bubble Cap, Standard Carb Cap. Usually, the variation of artistry, it doesn’t affect the functionality of a carb cap.

 How To Use Banger & Carp Cap

Step 1: You have to use a dab  to a heated nail or on the surface of the banger

Step 2: You have to muffle the nail or banger very well with a carb cap

Step 3: If you want to use a directional flow or bubble carb cap. You have to sprain or rotate softly the carb cap, which will spread the concentrate to the nail surface by shoving the flow of air around the chamber.

Step 4: At last, when you are completely ready to inhale the vapor, remove or dispel the carb cap to clear your rig.

How To Clean Banger & Carp Cap

Add the right amount of coarse salt and soak the Banger & Carp Cap in a 1-3 solution of water to remove the rub. Close the vas and budge mildly to stir for a few minutes. It should be presoak for a few minutes before wiping with the towel clean and dry. Wash it slightly with clean water, properly dry again, You are now all set to get the perfect pure flavor!

 ( Pros )

  • Vaporize at a much lower temperature
  • Available in various colors and shapes
  • It helps to retain proper heat
  • Vaporize the exudate more efficaciously
  • It regulates airflow

It’s a great creation for the weed community. Smoking is more enjoyable for the Carb Cap & Banger. It vaporizes completely concentrate without burning. When you use glass or banger, it is recommended that every smoker has to have a carb cap.

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