How to make the perfect dab


Did you just decide on your first foray of concentrate? If so, you need to learn a thing or two about how to make the perfect dab. Doing this has its benefits which is why vaporization of concentrates is gaining momentum today. You should know that dabbing is a new way to administer marijuana for the best effects as opposed to smoking the substance.

Perhaps you have heard such terms like wax, budder, shatter, and butane hash oil (BHO) and so on, these are other names by which dab is known. There is a way to do it right to get the potency required for the perfect experience.

What is dabbing

Dabbing is a new and accessible way of consuming cannabis. It releases the active compound of the herb (marijuana) to produce the right effect, such as pain relief. Unlike smoking, the ability to extract the real active compounds makes dabbing the favourite for medicinal use. Through dabbing, a patient gets the immediate impact of the pain-relieving power of cannabis.

The process involves the heating of a small quantity of cannabis concentrate or dab on a hot plate to vaporize the potent dose of the substance called cannabinoids. It uses a blowtorch, which causes it to look aggressive due to increased potency of the concentrate than with regular smoking.

Due to the clean and high potency of cannabinoids release, dabbing offers enormous medicinal benefits.

Benefits of making the perfect dab

Quick results, pure and highly concentrated end product make dabbing acceptable to many users. More so, it’s a better alternative to cigarette because it reduces risks of lung damage. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the strong odour emitted when smoking marijuana, which makes it ideal for discreet smokers.

Learning to take the perfect dab

If you are new to dabbing, you will need some advice on how to be more efficient with your dabs. Your knowledge of the perfect dab will increase your pleasure of smoking concentrates, make your concentrate last longer and provide you with real and intense experience.

Follow the tips below to make the perfect dab.

  1. Get the right tools. Smoking pot starts with having the right tools to deliver the perfect dab. You will need the proper dabbing set and rig to help get the most out of your concentrate. The right tool does not mean making an expensive investment, it means getting quality items needed for dabbing. Things to consider are the following:
  2. A low volume, dab rig or water pipe with a nail,
  3. Butane torch for heating
  4. Dabbing tool to move concentrate from its storage to the pipe/rig
  5. Your preferred concentrates
  6. E-nail (more on this below)
  • Start small. You require the right concentrates to dab and the best way is to start small. You should note that a concentrate is more times stronger than cannabis buds, so you need just a little for your hit. The best dabbing experience is that which leave you moderately high; you don’t want to get too high to lose control of things. With every experience comes familiarity, and you should test your tolerance level one step at a time until you can go bigger without adverse consequences.
  • Warm-up. Knowing the perfect heat for dabbing is an integral part of making the perfect dab. Every nail comes with its temperature requirement while each torch delivers a level of heating unique to it. You have to know the heat needed by your nail and how much heat your torch can provide. In this regards, you know through experiment to test the concentrates, rig and torch.

The following explains how to carry out the test:

  • Be careful with the torch to prevent an accident
  • Turn on the flame and direct it to the nail, heat until it turns red; note how long this takes to become red
  • Allow about 30 to 45 seconds for the nail to cool
  • Use the dab tool to apply the dab directly inside the nail and inhale
  • For a pleasant dabbing, make sure the nail is cooled before the hit
  • Talk to a friend. If you are used to mentoring in the business world, the same concept applies to dab. Among the best ways to make the perfect dab is to talk to an experienced friend in dabbing. You will need his experience and shorten the learning curve under the guidance of a dab-knowledgeable friend. In the absence of a friend with knowledge of dabbing, you can turn to YouTube for videos on the subject.
  • Get an E-nail. Since temperature is vital for the best dabbing experience, getting an e-nail is essential. It is not that you cannot dab without this device, but it helps achieve the best temperature to dab. The tool provides digital temperature to monitor the heat level of the nail. With the heat monitoring device, you can keep accurate heat of the nail to note the reading that produces the perfect dab.
  • Exercise caution. Although dabbing offer the most exhilarating experience, a wrong use can result in regrettable actions. Therefore, make sure to observe the following in handling the dabbing system:
  • Do not touch the nail after heating
  • Let the nail cool, properly, before you take a hit
  • Observe necessary safety measure when handling the torch
  • Handle your dabbing devices in a relaxed atmosphere

Final thought

Remember that dabbing means smoking your preferred herb concentrate, which is more potent than the bids. While observing the tips discussed above, consider the following 4-part dabbing instructions:

  1. Using the torch, heat the nail to be visibly hot;
  2. Cover the nail with the glass dome to cool for about 45 seconds;
  3. Place the concentrate inside the nail and take the hit (inhale) slowly;
  4. Exhale and enjoy!

And Fly Responsibly!

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