Recycler Rigs & Bongs

At present, the Recycler Rigs & Bongs have become a smart trend in the smoking world. Every smoker enjoys this unique feature in their piece. Basically a well- designed water pipe with good percolator sometime throws water up to your lips, but with a recycling chamber, it will cycle back into the tube while delivering full-flavored dabs and help to keep your lips dry. Actually, it’s a revolutionary, smooth path to inhale dab vapors in compact rigs and waterpipes.

What Is Recycler Rig & Bong?

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Recycler Rig is the favorite new style of scientific glass. Which helps to enrich your smoking experience. There have many water filtration chambers. Recycler Rig takes a longer time to filter your smoke than any other piece of systems. It’s used to smoke basically anything from dried cannabis to concentrates. Recycler Rigs and recycler bongs are of different styles. Before smokers inhale, they cycle through water and smoke multiple times. It’s a great dab rig that works wonderfully with both flowers, wax & oil. These unique pipes work to move water continuously into your pipe chamber. It creates a whirlpool-like effect that supplies full flavor at no expenditure to your lungs.

The Structure Of Recycler Rig & Bong

Usually, the Recycler Rig & Bong consists of two chambers connected by intake and drain tubes. The first one of the chambers, your smoking hits contain the primary percolator of your pipe. It works to filter the smoke and lead both smoke and water into the second chamber via intake. Indeed, this second chamber has a conoid shape, coercion the water to revolve in a whirlpool fashion.

How Does A Recycler Rig Work?

Like other dab rigs & bong, Recycler Rig has some basic works. This Recycler design expands the water filtration process to make the smoke cooler than usual.  The recycling process begins once smoke begins to fill the inside of the recycler rig. Firstly, the smoke moves into the water tank. As the smoker suffices to inhale in, both the smoke and water move together through tubes, which attach the chambers. This continues until the smoker took his last breath. You can attain the clean, sleek bong rips or dabs with Recycler Rigs that you can feel better to smoke in every session.

 ( Pros )

  • Easier to clear out the Chamber
  • Leading to fresher and tastier hits
  • Extended water filtration facilitates that, it accommodates less time for vapor to air contact
  • Various sizes and colors
  • An extra hydra filtration system

Put Simply

This kind of dab rig or bong which recycles the water back down into the percolator to make an incessant loop of filtration and airflow. Undoubtedly, this creates the recycler rig a suitable choice for dabbers because it means you can receive huge dabs without finding any splash-back from the water. Recycler rigs are a tremendous way to consume your concentrates.

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