Nectar Collectors

Nectar Collectors are precisely one of the most unique smoking pipes on there. They turn into Wax, Oils, Shatter in vaporization, basically, they are hand-held Dab Rigs. It’s easily portable but not exactly a hand pipe. Nectar collectors can use water, using water pipe percolation in a special way that you cannot spill your water out. This is completely different than other smoking equipment. Nectar Collector’s popularity is increasing day by day due to its effectiveness and ease of use. It’s a perfect selection.

What Is Nectar Collector?

Generally, a Nectar Collector is made up of three parts, like the top part, the main body part and finally the mouthpiece part. The top part is made with titanium or quartz, it is the only part of the Nectar Collector that comes in straight contact with your oil or wax. Bubblers and percolation systems are set up on the Nectar Collector’s body part to keep your hits sleek and cool before reaching your mouth. If you want to use smoking equipment at home, at the same time while going outdoors, then Nectar Collector is the best choice for you. It’ a fantastic smoking device.

How To Use Nectar Collector

To use it, first, place your Nectar Collector on a serving dish. You heat smoothly the tip of the Nectar Collector with your torch. You need to make sure, it does turn red by heating. The top part of the Nectar Collector has to wait for 15 seconds to cool down before dabbing or tapping the top part onto your prepared concentrate. If you are using a glass or quartz honey Nectar Collector, the vapor should be looked at the vapor travel from the tip, through the water chamber, eventually reach up to the mouthpiece. Smoking with Nectar Collector is very easy and enjoyable.

 How To Clean Nectar Collector

Honey Collector or Nectar Collector dab straw cleaning process is no different than glass bong or dab rig. The cleaning process of a Nectar Collector is presented below step by step:

First, the Nectar Collector must detach and extract the water chamber part. It should be washed softly inside and outside with warm water
The Nectar Collector needs to be immersed in hot water to be more thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
For favorable results use a Ziploc to hold the nectar collector. This will let you budge the whole Nectar Collector giving a much quicker and more complete cleaning
The last step is to wash it with warm water and dry it thoroughly.

 ( Pros )

★     An all-in-one Dabbing pipe

★     Longer durability

★     Nectar Collector Vaporizes all Oils & Waxes; Shatter etc…

★     Eye-catching designed and taste better

★     No waste wax

Nectar Collectors are a modern smoking pipe that is gaining popularity in the cannabis user community. As an unique, small and compact tool to take dabs.

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