Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs

If you’re getting serious about vaping and dabbing concentrates, then you’re going to need a high-quality dab rig as Oils and waxes are meticulously fine and delicate.

The competitive concentrate market is pushing manufacturers to exciting new levels of innovation. This innovation and competition mean that it has never been a better time to purchase a new dab rig.

Haze Emporium works around the clock to ensure that your next purchase arrives on time, in perfect condition. They work with dabbing suppliers from around the world to constantly source the latest in premium dab rigs and dabbing accessories.

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Let’s take a look at what dab rigs are and why so many people are making the decision to dabbing their favorite waxes and other concentrates.

What Are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs or dabbing rigs are small glass pipes that are filled with water and specifically engineered and designed for people to enjoy waxes and other concentrates. Most dabbers who enjoy dabbing premium concentrates will agree that the best rigs are made from glass. There are rigs that are made from other materials, but for dabbing concentrates and waxes, most people prefer glass.

Oil rigs may look a lot like something out of a science experiment gone wrong, but once you get the hang of dabbing, you’ll never look back! Concentrate rigs are truly the best way to enjoy your favorite concentrates and waxes.

To use a dab rig, you simply heat the bowl of the rig with a dab nail or e-nail. When the bowl has reached the desired dabbing temperature, your favorite concentrate is then placed onto the bowl. This method of heating allows dabbers to enjoy personalized and premium temperature control.

You can choose to either have high-temperature dabs or low-temperature dabs. The different types of concentrates and personal preferences will often determine the preferred temperature. Many people swear by the effectiveness of a premium quartz banger over other vaping and smoking methods.

One of the most popular aspects of dabbing is the increased experience many people have when they vape their favorite waxes and other concentrates. There are also hundreds of different rigs available. One of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make is which one is your favorite rig!

Different Styles of Oil Rigs and Dabbing Accessories

One of the most appealing aspects of dab rigs, apart from the premium dabbing experience, is the number of choices buyers have when they’re choosing their favorite dab rigs. Unlike cheap and nasty rigs you may purchase elsewhere, all the dab rigs and dabbing accessories on Haze Emporium are made from thick, premium materials that won’t shatter or crack after only one hit.

Haze Emporium has a team of dabbing experts who are dedicated to testing and sourcing some of the best dab rigs available on the market. There are hundreds of different models and sizes of rigs available for you to choose from.

Their friendly and professional team are constantly working with new suppliers from around the world to get their customers the latest in rigs and dab accessories. You can shop with the reassurance that all your purchases are back by their return and unbeatable shipping. Before you know it, your oil rig will have arrived on your doorstep ready to dab your favorite concentrates.

What Other Dabbing Accessories Will You Need to Get Started?

Haze Emporium also stocks a complete range of dabbing accessories such as ceramic nails to help you to get started in the dabbing world. Once you start dabbing your favorite oils, waxes and other concentrates you’ll never look back. It’s hard to look past the premium experience which a high-quality dab rig offers.

If you would like to learn more about the complete range of high-quality dab rigs and dab accessories that Haze Emporium stocks, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team of dabbing experts are more than happy to help you find the perfect rig for your favorite concentrates.

If you are looking to experience a premium vaping experience for your favorite concentrates such as waxes and oils, then you need to get a dab rig! Seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started and experience dabbing for yourself.

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