Bubblers – Hand Water Pipes

Bubblers are elegant and smoke-cleaning water pipes. This smoking element is quite popular for all smokers. Bubblers have this history of styles of ancient and royal spirit smoking. The bubbler is made using fun and user-friendly element to make smoking enjoyable. If you have a Bubbler in your hand then the feeling of smoking in this invaluable equipments is quite imaginable.

 What Are Bubblers?

Essentially, Bubblers are hand water pipes, through which the smoke can be kept cool and the water filtered very well. The bubblers come in all styles and materials. Bubblers perform a very similar function than bongs and water pipes to smoke. By this, when the smoke is filtered through the down-stem submerged in water, it creates bubbles in the water and makes a diffusing effect. Smoking with Bubblers can reduce the irritability of the lungs. This effect is also known to catch the ashes, protecting you from inhaling big particles. Its tasteful smooth hits make your smoking experience more interesting compared to any other hand pipes.

Practically Designed Hand Pipe

There is a super combination of Bubblers in size and functionality. This nice creation is great for those looking for a perfect, personal hand pipe that has a water filtration system. Bubblers have different types of styles, upright bubbler, hammer bubblers, and blunt bubbler are most commonly used. These three Bubblers are quite popular. The size and shapes of the Bubblers are so beautiful that there is a style for everyone. Bubblers are made of silicone, glass metal, and even wood materials.

The Bubbler pipe is portable and works very well as a hand pipe, as the filtration conveniently soothes your smoke. The Bubblers have this complimentary convenient as every smoker deserves one in their collection. It’s more affordable than a bong, making it favorable to the new to the water pipes. Bubblers increase the pipe’s mobility by enhancing its ability to absorb water with smoking cannabis, wax and oil products of weed. The Bubblers are formed with a stem as well as a double-layered bowl, but in some cases, there are other essential parts included. The bottom bowl in the double-layered bowl helps to hold the water in the pipe and the top bowl helps to hold the weed herbs. When a smoker gives a flame to the herb bowl and inhales the smoke gently, it flows through the water into the pipe and forms a thick cloud. As a result, Bubblers provide cleaner and less harmful fuller hit than the traditional pipe.

 How To Use Bubblers

Before using the bubblers, you need to clean it inside and outside with hot water as well as dry thoroughly. The bottom of the bowl is to be filled with water before the herbs are poured into the Bubblers. Depending on what kind of Bubblers you use, fill the water at the top of the bowl, through the carb or mouthpiece. After adding water, one should inhale through the mouthpiece to ensure whether the right amount of water is filled. Smoke can’t pass through the water unless there is exists the perfect amount of water.

 ( Pros )

  • You won’t find a small amount of ash o’ pot sucked into the back of your throat
  • Bubbler’s hit is much smoother than dry pipes
  • Smaller than a bong, a perfect piece for traveling
  • Using Bubblers reduces cough and throat irritation

The flexibility of using Bubblers is a perfect collection for smokers. It’s a better option to smoke weed. You can take it without any hesitation. The super combination of water and percolation made smoking feelings very safe and secured.

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