Ash Catcher

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Ash Catchers are smart bowl or bowl-attachment slides for your bong and water pipes. Ash-Catchers are the key to making bong sessions more enjoyable.

This handy smoking

device catches the ashes in water percolators, making smoother tokes. As a result, this smart add-on accessory makes it easier to keep your pipe clean. It also ensures the longevity of your water pipes and rigs by adding a water filtration right after the combustion.

An Ash Catcher is a fantastic, affordable attachment device for every bong, dab-rig or water pipe.

 What Is An Ash Catcher?

If you are serious about smoking via bong and water pipe, you know about Ash Catchers. Ash Catcher is made with tremendous attachments that hold the bong or pipe ash and other harmful materials in the chamber. It is capable of doing more than just that, it keeps the bong or pipe automatically clean from ashes and debris. At the same time, it combines an extra filtration to keep the smoke cool, mild and remove a huge amount of grime. The usage of Ash Catchers is increasing day by day because it benefits when toking with a water pipe. Who doesn’t prefer to protect their new piece from grim or unhealthy tarr, as they smoke.

Choosing A Perfect Ash Catcher For Suitable Water Pipe Or Bong

Anyone who uses weed in pipes or bongs can better understand the importance of Ash Catcher.

At first, you need to keep its joint system in mind to set up Ash Catcher. This joint system has to be fitted with pipe or bong so that it fits well and works properly. If no joint system is fitted then a joint adapter for fitting pipe or bong can easily be adjusted to Ash Catcher settings. It’s a better option to ensure fit the bowl that you would like to use. Basically, Ash Catcher’s settings need to be compatible with water pipe or bong. You have to choose a perfect Ash Catcher very carefully.

1.    Consider Male Or Female Joint Gender

You will want to thoroughly examine your pipe to see if it has a male or female joint system. The male joint is to see thin and the female joint is somewhat short and wide. The male joint can fit very nicely into the female joint system. Regardless of the type of joint used in your pipe, your Ash Catcher must be reversed, if so your Ash Catcher is guaranteed for a perfect fit.

2.    Consider Water Pipe Joint Size And Proper Joint Angles

The size of the water pipe and bong has been determined in three sizes since its commencement, 10mm, 14mm and 18mm. To choose a perfect Ash Catcher, it’s important to pay close attention to the right joint size. If you have a 14mm male joint that can be set up at a 90-degree angle. To fit it exactly you must have bought a 14mm perfect Ash Catcher with a 90-degree female joint system. Otherwise, buying a 45-degree female joint system will not be a suitable fitting for your favorite water pipe. In fact, if you carefully select the size and angles for Ash Catcher, your pipe will be enjoyable for weed smoking.

 ( Pros )

  • Looks cool and keeps your bong or water pipe clean for a long time
  • More smooth hit
  • An extra layer of water filtration is added
  • Rips more harder (more smoke, most of the time harder to clear than a pipe without an AC)
  • It works as a vessel to keep grime of a pipe or bong

Ash Catcher usage popularity has been growing for the past few years among the stoner community. It’s very safe to use into bong or water pipe.

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