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With most of our options under $100, we made our top picks of quality bongs for less than a Hundred bucks! We all love owning high-quality products, yet for certain things, this means a high ticket price. Justifying its quality, often being true for hand made glass bongs which are naturally expensive. Yet not everyone can afford multiple hundreds on a glass piece. That’s why we made a Collection of bongs under $100 that feel like toking with a thousand dollar piece. These water pipes, bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes, bubblers are all below $100. Some may be skeptical about purchasing a Glass rig or Bong under $100, Besides from high-grade materials and made by a number of the most legitimate manufacturers in the industry. Let us show you what we came up with to suit a budget! 

Inline Chandelier Perc with Double Honey Comb Diffusers

Inline Chandelier Perc with Double Honey Comb Diffusers are such kind of bongs that give you a smooth hit every time and of course you can buy this with only $87. You can also have different types of bowls such as blue diamond bowl and blue bowl by adding just $5. Through its double percolator and elaborated design, this bong filter can provide you not only just vertical vaping system but also horizontal vaping process by producing incredibly fine smooth bubble filtering. The inline flat percolator in the lower chamber and 8-arm tree perc in the best chamber for amazingly smooth dispersion. buy / view

Tornado Cyclone water pipe w/ turbine Perc – Glass Bong

Do you want to experience a feeling that you are inhaling a TORNADO? You may want to have this mesmerizing feeling that smoke is spinning as it hits your lungs then you should definitely buy this pipe. It will provide you with a thrilling effect which you don’t get with other bongs. It has a turbine disc percolator which forms a water funnel effect which creates a tornado with the smoke. It is made from clear scientific glass and it also includes a standard 18.5mm female joint. Its design includes a bent neck mouthpiece that prevents swallowing water, 12″ Turbine Cyclone Perc Water Pipe, with a colourful Blue Turbine Perc. You can Customize your bong with an awesome Herb Slide upgrade or cool Ash Catcher. Order now and you can have this bong for only $55. buy / View


Double filtering Water Pipe – Down stem and 4 Arm Tree Bong If you don’t want to miss the smooth and fresh hits, with a bong that can do it all, you might be interested in this bong. Moreover, this small bong will give perfect hits as it has double percolator and filtering design. It also includes a straight neck for ice cubes. Save now and ad a Diamond Glass Bowl to your discounted Bong! On sale for $48.00! (Regularly sold for $88.00) Buy / View

Double filtering Water Pipe – Inline and 8 Arm Tree Bong

If you don’t want to miss the smoothest and freshest dabs, you might be interested in this bong. This water pipe will give you cool dabs with its double percolator elaborated design. It has a horizontal percolator in the lower chamber and 8 Arm tree perc in the top chamber which can provide smooth diffusion. It also includes a bent neck protecting your face when sparking. You can save even more on this pipe by customizing it with a herb slide upgrade or cool ash catchers. Adding these options adds tremendous value to your pipe and saves you up to %60 on each accessory. On sale for $68.00! (Regularly sold for $$81.55) buy / View

Bold Double Stage Ice Bong – Fine Submarine Diffuser & Tower Stems

From this collection are exceptional creative water pipes with Glass Master Work and extravagant colouring just like this Huge 15” Tall bong Bold Black Features bong. The quantity of artwork within the Percs makes it appear to be a heady glass piece however it is nonetheless only here at Haze Emporium. This laboured glass piece has sturdy, solid colouring with a thick stable base and black siding and mouthpiece. On sale for $89.95! (Regularly sold for $124.88) Buy / View

Icy Dabber – Stereo Perc Dabbing Rig – Water Pipe

This water pipe gives you consistent solid dabs. Freshly cooling the smoke through Handcrafted stereo perc, up to 3 stage Maze, delivers fine tokes. The last stage of this rig recycles back the hit before exiting through the mouth-piece, making your big loads easier to hit! Practically designed with a Bent Neck protects your face when sparking up. Accompanied by a flared mouthpiece and a splash mouth-guard. This pipe is among the most Luxurious that we make, holding a combination of all styles of glasswork. On sale for only $87.95 (Regularly sold for $108.88) buy / View


This Collection of bongs below $100 has something for anyone while saving the maximum amount of money as feasible on top quality water pipes all along haze’s unbeatable quality of deal and service.

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