About Us

We are a Herbal Paraphernalia company. That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s cleaner than a long list of descriptors.

We design, produce and distribute all the types of products revolving around herb smoking.  All to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for all Herb Smoking enthusiasts out there.


We believe that passion combined with slick design and a creative use of technology can make the finest and best quality products for Herbal consumption. Where we can supply better goods with better service for cheaper. Our mission is to bring the best experience and service for consuming your herb, in a modern fashion.

WHY Haze Emporium?

Our company’s name stems from its raw definition: “Haze1  synonym to clouds, meaning slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere/or a state of mental obscurity”. “Emporium (plural: Emporia) was one of the trading settlements that first emerged in Northwestern ” Between that message and a shared vision of global conquest, we feel rather connected to the title Emporium.

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