Beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect bong

Let’s be real; every stoner needs the perfect bong! For the first-timer, getting your bong may be daunting because of so many bongs in smoke stores. If you care about your bucks and lifestyle, there are different styles, designs, percolators, glass thickness and brands to choose. Although bongs might look similar, there are differences to alter your smoking experience.

What is a bong?

A bong is a smoking tool for herb smokers. The smoking device features a filtration process to cool the inhaled smoke for a smoother experience. It is designed to make smoke pass through a series of water or ice-filled chambers to cool the vapour before inhaling. The smoke you inhaled is milder and more lung friendly than the typical smoking. The benefit of a bong is achieving deeper and faster high than standard smoking method.

Let’s examine the various parts of Bongs…

A quick overview of a Bong’s structure

I won’t argue if you think Bongs are varied and complex; yes they are! But don’t be confused by the complexity, you can safely reduce it to its main functional parts presented as follow.

  1. Bowl piece. It’s where you place your weed buds, after proper grinding, for smoking. Bowls are in several shapes and sizes; it’s a simple, indent push glass with a hole at the bottom.
  2. Ash catcher. This part collects the ash residue from bowl piece, preventing the ash from getting into the Bong; some ash catchers do have in-built percolators for a deeper filtration and cooling.
  3. It is the Down stem holder in a removable Bong; note that there are removable and fixed stem bongs. In the fixed stem, the bowl connects directly to the joint of the Bong. Joints are in various sizes including 10mm, 14mm and 18mm and come as male and female types… weed smokers need to pick female joint, not the male.
  4. Down stem. It links the bowl and the water, which makes this part the most important of the structure. Be careful with the Down stem from accidental fall and break when cleaning; it may get slippery, as you grip.
  5. This part filters the smoke vapour more times as it leaves the Down stem. It comes in different types and be careful with the tiny holes from getting clogged when cleaning.
  6. Splash guard/Ice pinch. The splash guard’s job is to prevent bubbling water from getting through the mouthpiece; it has different shapes. This same part house the ice pinch, the three glass spikes that hold the ice to cool the air before reaching the mouthpiece.
  7. It is the outlet for the travelling vapour out of the Bong to the smoker’s mouth. The mouthpiece comes in various designs for different Bongs, including horizontal, bent-neck, and all sorts of shapely designs.
  8. The base. The base is taken for granted and you will often see it not included in basic anatomy of a bong. It is the sitting part of the device and comes in different shapes and sizes.

What materials are bongs made of?

Bong materials include glass, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, and metal.

Learn to choose the perfect Bong…

The following guide helps to narrow down your search to pick the best bong and start smoking in no time:

  • Bong style. There are three main bong styles to consider: Beaker bong, Straight tube and Recycler.
  • Beaker bong produces more volume and less smoke; it gives off bigger rips and harder to clear.
  • Straight tube produces dense smoke, which clears quickly.
  • Recyclers bong works best with concentrate smoking.

For the beginners, I will recommend either of the Beaker Bong or a Straight tube.

  • Glass thickness matters. For durable bong, it is best to go with thicker glass. However, if you are using the device in a safe environment, the thickness may be sacrificed. Glass thickness starts from 2 to 3 millimetres up to 7 millimetres. Choose the width based on your intent; if you want to take it around or expose it to more people, go for higher thickness.
  • This consideration is a hot topic among smokers without a clear winner. Your interest with a percolator is the smoothness from its filtration and quantity of drag you can get from smoking through the tiny holes. As a starter, you could do without a percolator, but they are necessary because of additional filtration they provide. However, if you must buy, pick a bong with fewer percolators.
  • Easy to clean bong. Cleanliness is an essential chore in smoking with a Bong. Keeping your bong unclean could result in harmful consequences; you want to avoid that by regularly cleaning your stuff. From ash residue to bung up parts, clogging of the tiny percolators holes, your bong could become unusable in no time. If you picked a bong with percolator, be sure to get an Ash catcher for it. And do make sure you carefully choose a Bong that is easy to clean; make sure to ask for this when buying.
  • Joint sizes. For a more comfortable experience, I suggest you buy a Bong having the same size joints. It helps with maintenance and daily use.
  • Add ONS. Looking for a bong with add-ons is not compulsory, but it won’t hurt if you find one on budget.

Final thought

When choosing the perfect bong, consider your daily use and care for the device and choose one that offers the best relief. Avoid the mistake of overlooking the maintenance aspect of your Bong, because its a responsibility you owe it.

If you found a Bong that meets all the above and the price is right for you, go ahead,  buy and enjoy your smoke!

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