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From Montreal been in business for over 3 years gots good prices on everything check it out andCompare it yourself
Derick Johnson
Derick Johnson
je suis vraiment contente d'avoir gagner le briquet
Lise Richard
Lise Richard
J ai vraiment aimé mon bong que j ai gagné �
Marie-Josée Charlebois
Marie-Josée Charlebois
Merci pour mon nouveau grinder sa coche!!!!
Carl Membrives Crevier
Carl Membrives Crevier
Awesome product! Great quality and good services. Will definitely buy again!
Alex Bilodeau
Alex Bilodeau

Online Head Shop

Haze Emporium is an online headshop and product manufacturer that dedicates to delivering premium smoking accessories. Also Known as the Pipe Emporium and Glass Emporium for our wide selection of  dab rigs, glass bongs, and hand pipes at amazing prices. We even supply Nectar Collectors, and everything else you might need like Papers and herb grinders.

Haze Emporium is more than a north American supplier of smoking accessories for you to get a glass bong. We are an Online Headshop that is dedicated to every clients experience, from the order to the delivery and post purchase and even down to the design aspect of our products


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